Save hours per week on every machine you manage!

  • Easily identify suspicious and/or malicious activity.
  • Generate an archivable report that can be referenced during future incident investigations and system assessments
  • Does not require the installation of additional system software
  • Packaged with signed PowerShell scripts, modules, and executables for maintaining integrity and security
  • Does not modify events within the system log

"I downloaded, installed, and edited to personalize your script.  It works like a champ!  This, paired with the script that I wrote to save and clear the logs, will make our auditing on MUSA’s so much faster." - Mark, Director, Information Security

" I want to compliment your company on the software/program, it is a great product and well worth the investment." - George - Information Systems Security Manager

"I just want to say thank you for being a great partner and asset to the Defense Industrial Base. You are helping out so many Cleared Defense Contractors with your technical and security expertise. Providing the Standalone System Auditor is a true gift from the heavens and I just want to say thank you once again. If there is anything I  can do to help advocate as a satisfied testimonial, I would be thrilled to assist." - Lucas - Director Security Operations

I just wanted to say thanks for all of the tools you guys put out there for us to use. I loaded up PowerStrux on a few of our systems and it is really going to help with some of our auditing tasks. - James - ISSM